Environmental policy

Suwa, Nagano Prefecture, facing the environment in rich, we are promoting business activities in the precision machinery manufacturing, environmental conservation efforts and actively leverage resources, "environment-conscious companies "aim.

  1. Efforts to conserve resources and prevent it keeps track of global warming in the promotion of energy, reducing waste, recycling and advances possible.
  2. Type of product development and manufacturing efforts to reduce environmental impact, in cooperation with suppliers and suppliers, the consideration of global environmental issues.
  3. Applicable laws and regulations relating to environmental, regulatory, and compliance with other requirements and agree to our commitment to reduce environmental impact even more aggressive and try to prevent pollution.
  4. Environmental objectives, environmental objectives established, it also aims to review and strive to continuously improve environmental management system.

Environmental policy in writing and inform the people I work with the public or employees, and external demand.

Yuji small diamond Seiki Mfg. Co., Ltd. President and CEO


Contribute to society

(JAPAN Newspaper SHIMINSHINBUN in June 2009)
We have "made a good product in a beautiful heart, you contribute to society through occupational" to "corporate motto," raised to, and actively participate in community activities through manufacturing. The annual Suwa has also participated in six of the Joint Municipal Suwa Cleanup.

Environmental Activities

okaya.jpg We acquired ISO14001 certification in 2002, and is working to reduce the environmental impact of the type developed and manufactured products.For effective use of limited resources, current increases recycling, collet chuck, a chuck-like sleeve to reduce the disposable, re-polishing, 致Shimashita be able to offer our customers and the repair again. Addition, promoting energy conservation activities and to eliminate other harmful substances.
We recycle as much as possible and to promote the effective use of resources in the future, we aim to environmentally conscious companies.