May 1951 Okaya Tanaka as capital as of 80 million yen
Seiki Mfg. Co., Ltd. established diamond
September 1952 As a model plant rationalization SMEs, Trade and Industry Director Award, Tokyo
October 1963 Okaya (OIKAWA), the new plant construction, relocation
October 1964 Capital 10 million yen capital increase, enhancing the department 冶工 equipment and head toward the production of diversified products.
April 1972 Completed three-storey plant
November 1975 From the Suwa district director, be given a good declarer corporation (or, given continued)
May 1977 Capital increase to 2,000 million yen
December 1984 West Wing 2nd plant expansion
In April 1985 Capital increased to 4,000 million yen
October 1985 1,541m2 plant site Get
In April 1986 1,654m2 plant site Get
September 1986 Exhibition at Nagano invention devised QTIC Incentive Award in Science and Technology Agency
March 1989 The fourth plant, completed a small gym
May 1989 Kanayama plant completed
October 1991 Completion of Tokyo Office
October 2000 Accident record 7.5 million hours (approximately 28 years) was achieved,
Type II are awarded a certificate from the director of accident record of Labor Standards Bureau
November 2000 ISO9001 certified
May 2001 50th Anniversary
December 2002 ISO14001 certification
April 2006 Ministry of Economy, "300 companies and small companies create a healthy thing," selected
March 2007 Masaru Masashi precision machinery desk in Changshu City, Jiangsu, China (Changshu) Co., Ltd. established
December 2008 The plant was completed five (Chuck, specialized factory Gaidobusshu)