Customer Technology

To be responsive to the needs from all areas, the accumulation of technology and long-cultivated since its inception, what is called experience.A bold challenge to the new technology always watching where it stood on is Kachie matches. We, by a combination of precision technology and electronic technology "- design process - Assembly - adjust" to be a consistent producer. In addition, it has been specialized in production of diversified products, please contact us.

Customer Technology

Processing technologies are difficult to cut materials Ultra-precision machining technology
Precision assembly technology Robot technology
By mechanical CAD, electrical design and software design  

Material processing

Aluminum Iron Stainless Brass
Resin Titanium Tantalum Pure iron
Copper Ceramics Carbide Heavy Metal
Permalloy Hastelloy Wasuparoi Molybdenum
Tungsten Inconel Kovar Invar
Other difficult to cut materials      

Processing Technology

Cylindrical grinding Buffing Mirror finish
Grinding Barreling Honing
Grinding machine EDM Wrapping
Lathe machining Wire Cut EDM Precision assembly
Turret Lathe Machining Screw Machining Processing scraper
Automatic turning Processing Gear Ultra-precision machining Matching
Drilling process Brazing Design Development
Milling process Welding Mechanism design
Shaper processing Software Design Boring process
Electrical design Machining Machining System Development
Ultra precision machining    

Major Products

Semiconductor manufacturing inspection equipment Precision instrument and equipment
Electronic measuring instrument flight instrument kind Industries OA equipment optical communication equipment
Labor-saving machinery and equipment Collet Gaidobusshu various
Precision machine tools and tools Air bearing (aerostatic bearing) spindle
Type micro-hole machining lathe
BISSIAH (Bisaia) ML10
Design and manufacture of precision instruments and other electrical equipment