Quality Policy

Our "motto" of the company to develop a management policy based on established customers along with the wish for the happiness of employees, companies will contribute to society.

  1. Defense to ensure that decision, click the following efforts to improve corporate structure provides trusted products that customers are satisfied.
  2. Compliance with legal requirements and continually improve the effectiveness of quality management systems to meet the requirements with customers.
  3. Quality conforming to established quality objectives and a clear framework for review. Documented quality policy is to inform the people I work with the public or employees, and external demand.

2009 March 21, Yuji Oguchi, President and CEO


We can provide you high quality and customer satisfaction always in control and ISO9001 international standards in accordance with the process, "Komu build quality in the manufacturing process" to ensure a high level of quality assurance system established We.
The other three-dimensional measuring, testing equipment utilizing the most extensive facilities and roundness measuring instruments and precision contour shape and surface roughness, we will respond to customer trust and satisfaction.



Three-dimensional measuring

Roundness instrument

Contour and surface roughness measurement precision


Equipment name Name Manufacturer Number Capacity or Model
CMM Mitutoyo 1 EJ704
Contour Measuring Mitutoyo 1 CP-410
Roundness measuring Tokyo Seimitsu Co. Citizen 2 ROUNDCOM43C and Other
Precision digital scanning Haitokeji TESA 4 -
Purpose projector Mitutoyo 1 -
Tool Microscope Olympus and Other 13 -
Stereomicroscope Mitutoyo and Other 6 -
Surface roughness tester Tokyo Seimitsu Mitutoyo 2 -
Contour and surface roughness measuring precision Mar 1  
Hardness Matsuzawa 2 -
Otokorimeta Nikon 1 -
Laser sizer Keyence 1 -
Measuring two-dimensional image Mitutoyo 1  
Other micro-electrical measuring - Many -