We propose DAIYAC spindle speed ideal for high-precision spindle request.
Integrated development and manufacturing will be more agile in response.


Fine processing, high precision and high rigidity to support high-speed rotation for high-efficiency machining.
Addition to standard products are available at short delivery needs design changes.
The conditions of the spindle so that we had proposed a cost specifications, please feel free to contact us. Bon appétit is not responsible for agile.

Main case for

The specifications for oil mist, providing long life dramatically.
Precision specifications, perform reliably to ensure the accuracy of self-running finish.
The specifications for the field balance and low vibration.
The addition of ball bearings to achieve high stiffness without changing the outside diameter.

Static pressure air bearing (air bearing) spindle

Our micro-hole drilling machine (Bisaia BISSIAH-ML10) ultra-high precision spindle design and manufacturing company also proven. The university-industry collaboration with universities, has developed proprietary software embedded design based on the theory of know-how hydrostatic bearing.You can simply present the license agreement, we will propose the best aerostatic bearings.